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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Jonah's 11th birthday - Part 3

Last day of celebrating Jonah's 11th birthday - and what a birthday weekend it was!

Today we celebrated Jonah's birthday in the park with friends and family!

It was a gathering of childhood friends and school friends.
A lovely mix of pre-teens...

In two years, Jonah will actually be 13!!
He will be a teenager... 

Money, money, money... ☺☺☺

Lots of happy smiles!

Jonah had a wonderful day in the park with lots of presents and plenty of cake!
But, I think the best part was sharing the day with his best friends ☺

... and then off to the skate bowl! 


Saturday, 16 September 2017

Jonah's 11th birthday - Part 2

Time for cake!

Jonah requested a Swedish delicacy called "Kladdkaka" - a sticky and gooey chocolate mud cake which is totally scrumptious. The cake was served with whipped cream... and it all disappeared way too quickly! Yum ☺

11 candles!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Jonah, Happy Birthday to you... ♥

Make a wish!

This is my piece... What are you having?!


Scandinavian Festival 2017

What a beautiful day spent at the Scandinavian Festival in Brisbane!

A busy schedule... 

Jonah and Lily went fishing at the Swedish Saturday School's "fiskdamm"

Fisherman's luck!

Selfie with my Swaustralian princess ♥

Selfie with my Swaustralian prince ♥

Found some blue and yellow chairs... ☺

The Swedish flag was everywhere!

Taste of Sweden

My little family ♥

Danish licorice!

Saga Vikings interviewed by media

Beautiful Viking handbags

Swedes Down Under,
The Swedish Club in Brisbane

"Swedish Fika"

- Traditional Swedish pastries... Yum!

Danish Christmas Handicraft


Yours truly 

Family photo 
with my two kids, my Uncle, my cousin and his little son.

Thank you for stopping by ♥

Jonah's 11th birthday - Part 1

♥ Happy Birthday,
Jonah ♥

Remember to stay tuned to see rest of the birthday festivities... and everything else that's happening over the weekend. Afterwards, I will need a holiday - Oh, wait, I am on holiday! Woohoo ☺


Friday, 15 September 2017

Last day of Term 3

Last day of Term 3... A two week holiday awaits!

The kids achieved the school's Gold Learner Profile Badge!
Woohoo, Well done ☺
Let's aim for next term's Platinum one.

Not only was it the last day of the term,
but also Jonah's 11th birthday!

I made Swedish cinnamon scrolls for Jonah's class to enjoy.

Lots of things happening this weekend.

We will continue celebrating Jonah's birthday tomorrow 
as both kids passed out just before we were 
supposed to have cake...

 A busy start to the holidays... ☺
The Scandinavian Festival is on in Brisbane tomorrow... and
on Sunday we are celebrating Jonah's birthday again!

Thank you for stopping by