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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Good Friday 2014

 ... or Långfredag as we call it in Swedish - 'Long Friday'... 

 It's way past midnight here in Australia, past 1am even!! Holy moly ☺
Kiddies are sound asleep and hubby's on his way home from work.

I stayed up late and decorated the house for Easter while watching an Australian movie called 'Sisters of War', based on a true story of two Australian women, an army nurse and a catholic nun who survived as prisoners of war in Papua New Guinea during World War II. Such an amazing story!

Today, we are invited to an Easter luncheon at my in-laws house,
but I'd better get some sleep first...

Say G'Day Saturday

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My Easter mantel

Well, I don't have a fireplace mantel, 
but this piece of furniture and mirror frame will do - for now. 

Selection of yellow candle rings - perfect for my ocean of candles...

So bright and beautiful!

Easter corner with brass candle holders from my native Sweden.


Yellow is so cheerful, don't you think?!

A splash of Spring
- even though we are in the middle of Autumn here in Australia lol

Monday, 14 April 2014

It's getting closer to Easter...

Hello there,
Hope you all are doing well!

We are already in the second week of the school holidays.
Time flies way too fast.
Only eight days until Term 2 starts Tuesday the 22nd.
Luckily the first week back is going to be a short one 
- a soft start,
due to a Public Holiday on Friday the 25th, Anzac Day.

Back to Easter... 
I've finally managed to start decorating.
Haven't really been inspired to begin yet.

Maybe because of the weather... 
It's been a few of those days when you want to curl up with a good book 
and snuggle under a blanket or watch a movie and drink hot chocolate... ☺
It's been grey and windy with some fine rain today.
The sun was out for a bit, but disappeared... 

for me Easter is all about bright and happy colours!

Swedish Easter décor with Easter witches, chickens and black cats.

Yellow candle rings - perfect for Easter!

Might add some Easter eggs or other décor to the shelf... we'll see.
Stay tuned!

Friends Forever...

 My prince with his princess... ♥
They've known each other and been the best of friends 
for about four years.

Last Friday we had a play date at her place.
Four hours went past very quickly.

How about some silly faces?!

They sure had a great time☺
... and they can't wait until the next play date!

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Rainy Sundays are the best!

Rainy Sundays are the best!

It's already Sunday arvo here in Australia.
Steady rain outside while I'm making bread indoors.

Hubby's at the shops with the kids.
Quiet time☺

The TV is on.
After Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and Poirot,
it's time for Better Homes ans Gardens.

A relaxing time at home
-getting ready for another week of school holidays.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday♥

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Hot pink!

Lily sure brightens up any dull day with her hot pink outfit 
- and her pink personality♥

Sharing raisins while waiting for the bus... ☺

from the pink princess♥

Friday, 11 April 2014

From blue to cream and green...

Hope the sun is shining where you are!

Hello everyone☺

I've been busy decorating. 
Not for Easter yet... 
just an overall overhaul in the lounge room.

You all know I'm a blue girl,


I decided to change the colour scheme.

  Lots of creams, whites and a hint of green.

Before this makeover, we had a really colourful IKEA rug on the floor. This woven one, also from IKEA, suits the natural colours of creams and browns so much better. We used to have three of them on the concrete floor before we put the click-in floor in years and years ago, so it feels fun to reuse one of them - the other two had sadly been stained by water - mould was actually growing in the weave as well! That's subtropical climate for you... Everything stored away in an outdoor shed needs to be waterproofed! 

Cream, green and a hint of blue - perfect choice of curtains for our 'new' lounge room. A pretty wooden tray on top of a Battenburg runner on the storage box... My hubby and I love having candles lit at night. It's so cozy and très romantique, n'est pas? We've had some cooler nights lately, so these rustic tealight holders are perfect to place on the tray and use at night. 

Floor runner, cushions and blankets are all from IKEA. The crochet blanket on the back of the couch is an eBay purchase. It's so versatile - I've used it as a bed spread and as a tablecloth! Love the big flower pattern.


A change is as good as a holiday... ☺

I'm loving our new lounge room!
I could spend hours here reading books... but the housework would pile up then...

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mid week report

Hello sunshine... and g'day peeps! A few days have passed on our two week Easter holiday. So nice not to get up in the mornings and prepare school lunches and snacks before rushing to the school bus. We kind of had a slow start of the holiday, though. Lily got some kind of tummy bug. Not sure where it came from... Germs on the bus? ...Getting cold in the pool? ...Playing with the kids next door?...who knows?! Anyway, the main thing is that she is on the mend.

The weather has been fantastic (so far) in my neck of the woods. The temps during the days have been truly lovely - can't complain when it's +28-29°C (82-84°F). We finally got some Autumn weather, some cooler winds after our hot Summer months. We even received some well needed rain lately. So lovely to see green lawns again... I truly enjoy grey and rainy days, even a day with overcast makes me smile ☺

I'm so looking forward starting decorating for Easter... can't wait to bring out the Easter boxes! Might do it on the weekend. Have you all started to decorate yet? Or do you wait until we are closer to Easter?

Time to do some housework - or not... 
Have a great day everyone♥

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